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Natural Topaz belongs to the second group of gem jewelry. This stone is known to almost every firsthand. Properly treated Topaz is beautiful. He will not leave anyone indifferent. His business card is a pronounced luster, color variety, and affordability in price. That’s why it’s so loved and appreciated. The name of the stone comes to us from Greece. In the Red sea there is an island called “Topazes”, which translated from Greek means – to seek, or from Sanskrit – fire.

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The color of Topaz. Considering all sorts of options of colors of Topaz, the list will be very large. Natural Topaz has a lot of natural colors – tea rose, light yellow, bluish, brownish, peach, cognac. Plus the Topaz has an excellent property – it is able to acquire saturated colors, obtained by various kinds of heating and radiation treatment. I will list the most famous shades of Topaz, and their brand names. London blue topaz – deep blue Topaz. Sometimes with a light presence of gray or green.

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Swiss blue topaz – rich, bright blue Topaz. Sky blue topaz is a light blue stone that resembles the sky on a clear day. The first two colors in this list are exclusively by heat treatment. Sky blue Topaz also gets by heating, but this color crystal can occur in nature. Topaz color “Champagne” (“champagne”), also known to many. Soft radiant and refined shades radiate natural warmth, tenderness and beauty. Imperial he Imperial Topaz is considered the most valuable today in the global market.

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Yellowish-Golden, reddish-Golden and pink color with rich and fade-proof tone. It’s all Imperial Topaz. I would like to mention that a natural Topaz with a red or pink shade is the most rare and the most expensive among natural Topaz. The price of this stone can reach 300 – $ 500 per carat weight. Yellowish and brownish shades are way cheaper, but not cheap. Today on the world market, including in Russia, offer a wide range of Imperial Topaz. A rich array of shapes and sizes. Why so many high-quality stones?!
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The thing is that almost all of these topazes are artificially produced color. No they have no relationship to natural color Imperial Topaz. If you take a colorless natural Topaz crystal, and bake it in the oven after kneading the dough, he’ll get a pleasant yellow tint. Now imagine modern technology! Everything becomes immediately clear. And a little bit of brown tint. Smoky Topaz with perfect fantasy agencywhat is not Topaz. This name was invented to attract discerning fans. Just a PR move.

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Smoky Topaz is nothing like the smoky quartz. Quartz is initially cheaper than any of the Topaz. Due to this misconception, many have managed to earn good money. There are colors that are produced by various processing. Green, red, pink, or mystic azotic Topaz ( embodying a variety of bright spectra; with predominant mystic blue, purple and green colors; azotic red, yellow, and Golden colors). Deposits of Topaz. Worldwide, many deposits of this mineral. The main supplier of high-quality crystals is Brazil.

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Healing properties of Topaz. The world market Topaz also comes from the following countries: Australia, Afghanistan, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe and Japan. Swiss blue Topaz in sarahcarrera gold ring with blue Topaz is that Topaz helps with nervous disorders, improves sleep, relieves insomnia and nightmares. Topaz is an excellent remedy in diseases of the liver, gallbladder and spleen. Some traditional healers using Topaz facilitate asthma attacks, stop the bleeding.

Argued that Topaz should be worn on the body for the prevention of colds and enhance immunity. In ancient times Topaz was used in the treatment of poor vision. The most powerful in the energy sector are considered Golden and honey Topaz. Magical properties of Topaz. In the East Golden stone is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. He is free from violent and dangerous passions that provoke in man the tranquil enjoyment of life. Eliminates negative emotions – depression, fears, doubts, anger, hatred. In many countries of Topaz are made amulets that protect against evil spirits, black magic, evil eye and spoilage. Light blue Topaz makes an optimistic Outlook on life, strengthens intuition. It gives women beauty, men – wisdom, and all together – the welfare, recognition and success.



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