How to buy a wild pearl?





How to buy a wild pearl? No way. There are no legitimate ways to purchase pearls, grown in the wild. Ban on commercial production of pearls is valid from 1952-the year throughout the planet. The reason for the ban was the extremely low efficiency of production. For finding one pearl of unpredictable quality destroyed up to fifty clams serving in biocenoses effective water filter. Today not less than 95% of pearls sold is cultivated. Nearly 4.5% of the forgery and imitation. And only half a percent of market volume of trade is wild pearls produced earlier 1952.

to buy a wild pearl,Forgery and imitation pearls. Most often as pearl fakes are glass beads covered with polymerized extract of the fish scales. Resemblance to natural pearls of such imitation is never full: greyish colour staining gives out a fake. Hollow glass balls from the inside can be coated with special dyes that mimic pearly lustre quite significantly. From a distance this product is indistinguishable from natural pearls, but upon closer inspection, the glass layer becomes visible. Imitation pearl. Synthetic polymers zhemchugovoy properties are used for producing really quite a simple imitation jewelry. Jewellery “pearls” is not able to deceive even a novice connoisseur of gems. Screening techniques are simple and effective. If a handful of pearls onto the glass, natural pearls elastic bounce, glass and plastmasski roll. Try the pearls and “to the tooth”. The roughness of this genuine pearl – while all mimic perfectly smooth.
to buy a wild pearl,

Speaking about the imitations of natural pearls, we can’t ignore unfair cultured jewelry. First, farmers often make a lot of effort for bleaching of low-quality, dirty-yellow pearl growing mollusks in patients or a contaminated environment. Attempts to turn the actual marriage into a kind of marketable pearls is a direct deceit of the buyer. These pearls have low lustrum and pretty soon degrade. Secondly, the frequent attempts to use pearls, mother-of-pearl is glued to the coating shell. to buy a wild pearl,Cut, this gem has a hemispherical form and resembles a slightly rounded disc. Gluing halves can simulate a full-pearls – especially if the metal frame masks the connection line. Baroque pearls. Thirdly, the increasingly popular “Baroque”, that is, uneven, irregularly shaped pearls, are increasingly trying to replace the fragments of shells with embossed mother-of-pearl layer. The mounts feature Baroque pearls in jewelry is the departure of a considerable part of the gem metal. This socket allows you to hide an unsightly piece of jewelry.


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