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River, that is, freshwater pearls, by type of education, similar to the sea. The latter grows in the clam shell, or rather in his body. The process of forming mother-of-pearl beads, starting from microscopic grains of sand. By the way it lasts a few years. The birth places of river pearls are due to normal freshwater oyster. There are cases where in one such shell researchers discover a 12 or even 16 gems. Modern scientific progress allows to produce it in vivo and to grow on special farms. Will see how unique and unusual real river pearls, note the photo with him. In simple layman may arise a natural question: how to distinguish a freshwater pearl real from artificial? Experts say that if this stone is to hold teeth, you get a distinct creak. However, grown in artificial conditions, the stone river pearls, no less unique and no less beautiful.

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Natural river pearl grows inside the oyster, the nacre coating the tiny grain of sand. Of course, in natural conditions the rivers are rarely able to extract large stones. In the history of its production, it has been a few lucky ones. Mainly, it can be compared to beads. Beads of freshwater pearls can be very thin and fragile. to sell such a product is not always at a decent price, so manufacturers prefer to create it themselves. The largest importer of pearls in the world is China. The colors of freshwater pearls are quite different from marine. He plays in several shades and is much coarser than extracted from marine mollusks. Bright lights and glitter it is also no different, is most often brushed. A special feature of freshwater pearls that it is more resistant to external damage. Although some fans of elegance, consider such a strength disadvantage. Muted shades of freshwater pearls ranging in several colors. From purple to white, and of course, often the stones are of irregular shape.

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In the Slavic culture, this gem was called “tears of joy”. Since it involves a lot of legends and stories. The Chinese compare the unique beauty of pearls with moonlight. Another called its dew-drop from the eye of the goddess of love. In Ancient Rome, a string of pearls valued much more than gold. He was revered not only as the female jewel. Pearls decorated the interiors, clothes, guns. The prevalence of this unique stone was, as among rich and among poor people. Any magical properties of stones, thousands of years has charmed and attracted people. The stone is considered “unlucky”. Its energy impact per person compared with opal. For those who always wear pearl jewelry, characterized by emotional depression and loss of hope for the future. Sorcerers believe that people prefer this stone, often live in a world of illusions and even ghosts. In India, healers, conversely suggest that you always carry a pearl stone. There he is the giver and Keeper of life force. Using zagovornik charms made from freshwater pearls you can protect yourself from evil spirits and restore health.
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Other admirers of pearls, including Russia, consider the stone a symbol of longevity and prosperity. You only need to wear a silver ring with pearls and definitely on the right ring finger. To remove the pain in the heart and even improve the blood, helps natural and definitely a new pearl. I advise you to do this, simply hold the stone in your mouth. As a pledge of love and loyalty, decided to give it a pearl. A bad omen is considered if the stone will darken suddenly. This means that the person wearing it is not in conflict with his conscience or he is planning something bad. Astrological support carries the stone for those born under the sign of Aquarius and Pisces. However, even better for them to give up wearing rings, and to choose a bracelet or necklace. Bad energy influence may have wear pearl ornaments for dealing with children. And it is unsafe for the actors, and for people constantly travelling. Pearl, proud – helps to be compliant. Aggressive – moderate in communication. Vain – to become kinder.

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Freshwater pearls – the price on the Russian market. River pearls to buy for personal use, then allow to enjoy the beauty and inspiration. And in natural forms. There is no doubt that this jewel will be just great gift. Price range of pearl necklace length 40 cm ranges from 1000-1200 rubles. The diameter is a river of beads 6-6. 5 mm. If the necklace is produced based on silver alloys, it is worth a couple thousand more. Ring with pearl in silver setting, you can find even cheaper. Naturally, gold jewelry sold at a higher cost. The price depends on the cut jewels, and colors. AKOYA saltwater pearls, or jewelry its use are sold from 15 000 to 160 000 and above. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are created in combination with gold. Because the stone itself is expensive, so the metal is required and appropriate. Diameter of pearls ranges from 4-9 mm.

pearls freshwater,
Pearling, in both river and sea conditions, the process is very unsafe and time consuming. Based on this and its high cost. The quality of the pearls, their color, size and other characteristics that affect its price. But this is justified. Pearls help create every woman elegant and unique elegant image. Regardless of where she is going to wear the decoration, at work, on a date or to a wedding. Natural stones are more expensive, cheaper artificial. River pearls are not very different from the sea in appearance.


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