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Crown one of the jewels of the popes. The distinction has not always been the crown. Until VIII century, it looked like a cap of white. Called this hat the kamilavka. In the XII century it was joined by a tiara, which, after a century and another got teeth. Thus, the ovate hood banded one crown. In the XIV century it was joined by another. Post it on the kamilavka ordered Boniface VIII. Thus, the Pope reflected in his symbol of power his own views on it. The high priest understood his post as the primacy over the twin spheres of society – secular and spiritual. Soon, there was also a third crown. Who and why put it back to the first two is unknown. However, the first image of the three-headed papal crown dated 1342. The modern Church interprets the number of crowns as a symbol of the Holy Trinity – the father, the son and the Holy spirit. Regarding the power of the priests, crowns are considered to have dominion over hell, earth and heaven.

01 Bonifativs 01
Triple crown of the Pope is crowned with a cross. The official name of the headgear – triregnum. Is a Latin word. The cap, which became a basis of tiaras is of Persian origin, as the name of the hat “kamilavka”. The Pope rises to power immediately after his election by the Conclave. The so-called Council of cardinals examining candidates for high office. However, the priests for centuries had assumed his duties only after the coronation. However, since the 1970s, the procedure moved to the side. In 1963, Paul VI wearing the tiara, and his successor John Paul I anymore. Did this and all subsequent high priests. The Charter prescribed a choice of throne or not. While the choice of Pope do not in favor of a traditional headdress.
02 Bonifativs 2The last tiara of Pope Paul VI is stored in a Museum in Rome. The attribute of power, the Pope gave them by myself. The chief priests stopped wearing the crown, but they have not stopped to present them. So, in 2010, for example, tiara was presented to Benedict XVI. The present Pope did this group of Catholics from Germany. The headpiece is ordered to do by the experts of the Sofia workshop, which specializes in the vestments of the Ministers of religion. The gift had a symbolic character, performing the role of a souvenir. Tiara made from brass, silver, and zinc. It is decorated with semi-precious minerals. Benedict XVI gave a present to be deposited in Bavaria, in the house where he was born. Now this building serves as the Museum.

03 Tiara of Pope Paul VI
The symbolic composition of the present Benedict XVI is not like a real papal crowns. Their traditionally made only from precious raw materials. In the course was pure gold, and an alloy of this metal is 750-th sample. Egg-shaped cap underlying the products, made usually of silk, embroidering with gems and pearls. Some of the crown is completely made of metal. The prongs adorned with diamonds and other precious stones. They were inlaid and cross at the top of the headgear. Tiara of the popes has not been assessed. They are still considered priceless, sacred.

04 Tiara of Pope Benedict XVI
On sale true papal crowns to be found. But, it is possible to become the owner of other decorations of the priests. So, a few jewels, the last crowned Pope Paul VI were exhibited at the auction “eBay”. Starting price of the lots was only $850. However, sold the cross and a ring with a diamond over millions of units. Both products are studded with diamonds. The total number of crystals – 13. A dozen of them decorated with a cross. On the ring just one stone, but it weighs almost 13 carats. In addition to artistic value and values of materials things are historical-cultural sense. Customers pay the papal jewels were ready for the investment prospects of the subjects.

05 Cross and the ring of Pope Paul VI
By the way, the same Paul VI gave the lion’s share of his attributes not for auction, and the funds of the UN. The Pope underlined that presents the product to charity. The objects of gold with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires society sold for $70,000. Low price set specifically to help bail out the funds and send them to the aid of those in need. The tiara remained the only attributes of high priests, not subject to bidding. The crowns are stored either in the popes, or in museums.

06 Pope attributes
A distinctive feature of religious crowns are silk ribbons, embroidered with precious threads and Catholic symbols. At the ends of the ribbons is always a Golden fringe. Tape fixed on the back side of the headdress. From the back matter falls on the mantle of the heads of the Church. By the way, the mantle, in everyday life dad left. In it, the priests wear to this day. Tiara was removed even with the coat of arms of the popes, where she flaunted for centuries. Now the image includes other symbols of the Catholic Church – pallium and Mithra. Pallium – white ribbon with 6 embroidered crosses. Mitra – trapezoidal hat worn by priests during services.



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