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It can be extracted from meteorites. Exploring the visitors from outer space, scientists have discovered in which about 8 grams of palladium. It is a measure on a ton of weight. The contents of the industrial, but that’s just a multi-ton meteorites fall to the Ground is rare, what is much more likely to be happy. In the bowels of the Earth of palladium is also missing. There are metal two times greater than gold.

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About price of palladium are not. In 2015, a Troy ounce was given a total of 800-dollars. Gold also fell, but not so, only to a 1050-ti arbitrary units per of 18.3 grams. Will recover if the rate of palladium in 2016? Take a look at the arguments and predictions of experts. Prices for palladium in 2016 have a great interest of the Russians. The Federation is the main producer of the white metal. So, the most extensive and rich placers nuggets are located in the Urals. Competing with Russian deposits only the deposits of ore in the United States, Australia and Canada. In the last country the palladium-rich Alaska once, as well, the territory of Russia.

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On the extent of Russian wealth says the request Norilsk Nickel. Steel giant plans to 2016, the purchase of palladium at $ 2 billion. The order submitted to the Central Bank of Russia. Norilsk Nickel is able to provide one third of the global consumption of palladium. In fact, it is necessary to postpone the metal, to create a reserve. The reason – the sanctions of the West. Part of the pending procurement. It turns out, the deficit in Russia. But, in the world market situation is tense. While require 48 tons per year. Deliveries were reduced to 25. In addition to reducing Russian supplies, analysts pay attention to the striking workers mines in South Africa.

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There are concentrated the main deposits of platinum and considerable reserves of palladium. Supply from Africa is suspended. Here and reasons for the projected growth rate of palladium. Experts believe that in 2016 the price tag reaches $ 1,000 per ounce. Some analysts say about 1100-1200 from conventional units. The ruble value depends on the difference between the dollar and the Russian currency. To reduce the deficit of palladium in the global market a capable replacement item for platinum. Both metals, in particular, used in auto catalysts, engines. In 2015, observed the paradox – reduction of price of platinum, a concession rate of gold.


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The result – platinum stood almost on the same level with palladium. Under these conditions, many Industrialists start working with new, more prestigious raw materials, because losing money is minimal. If impossible to replace, redirect production. So, palladium is required for petrol models, while platinum is needed for diesel. About the increase in the last Assembly this year, said almost all European concerns. Therefore, some analysts tipped no growth, and further decline in prices for palladium. 80% of the metal it consumes the automotive industry. What is the price of palladium now?
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In February 2016 the price tag lasts about 500–dollars per ounce of palladium. Compared to the 1000 promised by the experts, the current cost is alarming. However, in January it was lower price. Per ounce of palladium gave, on average, $ 10 less. At least the first month of the year was 452 dollars. So, the local growth rate has already been observed. Perhaps the price Outlook for palladium in 2016 will come true. Will an optimistic forecast come true, or not, depends largely on China.

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China consumes 1/5 of palladium mined. In 2015, the pace of economic growth slowed by more than a quarter. Slowed down, or rather fell, and procurement. If the economy of China will not bring back the dynamics of development, the palladium demand may not exceed supply. In this case, there is no question about the lack of metal, and thus small and the probability of its growth rate. Exchanges, banks, trade pure metal. Its fineness is 999. That is, in the purchased goods, for example, ingots of 99.9% and palladium accounted for only 0.1 third party on impurities.

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It is not only investment products, but also the basis for the manufacture of automotive parts, catalysts for oil refining. Metal goes for medical instruments and jewelry. In the finished product contains only a part of palladium. Used alloys of the element with other substances. So, one of the options for white gold includes 13% palladium. Though its price is low, in jewelry stores for alloys with noble ligature have to pay. Emphasis is placed on the skin surface of the element. Added more options in white gold, zinc and Nickel that cannot boast.

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The cost of jewelry with precious high ligature because it is prestigious. The customer pays for the awareness that it no junk metals. In medicine, palladium is valued for low porosity. It is important that the germs and dirt there was nowhere to “leak”. Moreover, the noble metal is durable and inactive from the chemical point of view. Plus, palladium is able to improve anti-corrosion properties even titanium. Of the last made, for example, prostheses and implants. Because of their reliability, many are willing to overpay. Ordinary people are not always aware of the fall in the price of palladium. Paying the price, as they say, the old memory. Until recently, the rate of palladium “was” on a par with platinum and gold.



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