Onyx Stone Meaning and its Benefits



The name of the stone, most likely, has occurred from the Greek meaning nail, as the alternating layers in the onyx similar to the structure of the nail plate. With Arabic this name means “sad”, because the stone is often used for the decoration of tombs and shrines (like the mausoleum Gur-Emir, situated in Samarkand). No less popular in the ancient world was marble and onyx. For example, in Ancient Egypt, this stone clad baths and pools of the pharaohs, but the vessels and vases of onyx was widely used in Assyria. During excavations in Egypt in the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered the beautiful onyx lamps.

onyx stone meaning,
Onyx stone is a variety of agate. He is the rock wandering origin, composed of calcite or aragonite. The stone structure dense fine-grained or coarse. Onyx of the highest quality produced in India, Brazil, Uruguay, USA and the Arabian Peninsula. The color of onyx varies from light green to dark green shades. This stone differs from the others in that its color are stripes of red, white, brown and black. Experts believe that the thinner stripes on the stone, the more valuable. In nature there are both transparent and opaque crystals.

onyx stone meaning,
Best manifests their magical properties of onyx, which is worn on the middle finger. Oval or round cabochon – cut best for this semi-precious gem. On the recommendation of Lito therapists, decoration, onyx should be worn in winter and autumn. Onyx is a strong life amulets. Stone keeps the wearer from sudden death, accidents and major losses. Especially needed talisman with onyx those people whose profession involves risk.
onyx stone meaning,
Natural bluish-black mineral will help businessmen to develop their business. The owner of the gem will forge ahead and skillfully overcome obstacles. Onyx stimulates entrepreneurial flair and gives the financial equilibrium. Semi-precious crystal will contribute to the negotiations and to conclude more profitable deals. However, if the owner of the stone does not want greed has completely overshadowed all other interests, he should not wear the stone permanently.

onyx stone meaning,
Onyx since ancient times, is the Blarney stone. The gem will help the media to find the right words and convey their meaning to the audience. Then, the audience will succumb to the magic of onyx and the charm of the speaker. That’s why onyx is loved by lecturers, politicians, preachers and lawyers. Persons seeking to earn the respect, also can enlist the help of stone. The mineral will be useful for those who need persistence, determination and perseverance to achieve their goals. Under the influence of magic powers onyx people will slowly but surely move towards your dream. The stone will not allow the media to go over the heads, the owner of the crystal will be achieved only with hard work. Onyx will help weak and soft people to cultivate a solid and strong character.onyx stone meaning,

Semi-precious gem will help the wearer to focus on what is important in this period of time. Mineral will improve the performance of the media and push all unnecessary thoughts. The stone will fill the body with energy and strength, get rid of fatigue. That is why wearing onyx is recommended for students during the session, the managers before the negotiations and accountants, upon delivery of the reports. Onyx is an excellent means of protection from the action of a variety of magical rituals. The carrier of the stone did not get any damage, the spell and the evil eye. The gem has the power to remove the spell and a hex. The stone will strengthen your own energy field of the owner.


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