Natural Black Agate Stone and his Мagic





The magical properties. Black agate has powerful magical properties,
protecting its owner from evil actions.
Clamped in his fist, he protects from the evil eye and spoilage.
And drinking water a day infused with black agate, you can see a prophetic dream.

natural black agate stone,

Witches often used this stone in their rituals.
With his help they were protected from evil forces and increased magical powers.
Printed on black agate rune symbol receives twice the force and becomes a strong amulet.
Also special magical power to get the fortune rune made of this material.

natural black agate stone,

Amulet black agate is the most powerful of all the family of agates.
It gives its owner the strength of mind, strengthens his inner core,
increases material well-being. Wearing jewelry with this mineral,
you can forget about the evil eye and spoilage.
And any negative message, aimed at its owner,
he transformed into positive energy.
natural black agate stone,

However, you should not wear this stone continuously.
People are mentally weak he can suppress and make it even more insecure.
Therefore, it is necessary to accustom ourselves to this mineral,
gradually increasing the duration of exposure.
It is occasionally necessary to clear black agate, leaving it overnight in clean water.
This will remove the stone from the accumulated negative.

natural black agate stone,

Black agate patronizes the planets Saturn and Neptune.
Saturn in astrology helps each zodiac sign to find your way
in life and to achieve success in the material.
Neptune makes contact with the subconscious and reveals magical abilities.
Therefore, each sign of the zodiac, wearing a piece of jewelry
with this stone will feel it is this effect of mineral.



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