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Beautiful malachite stone! And it is not rare. Worldwide he is considered to be primarily copper ore, and then – an ornamental material. Malachite – thanks to the Russian writer Pavel Bagov – Russia is considered the stone of the Ural mountains. There is the Mistress of Copper mountain. In reality, the ruler of malachite deposits lives in Congo, and in the Ural and Kazakhstan, America, Germany, China and Australia – sent her younger sister.

malachite mineral data,Carbonate of copper called malachite was invented by the Greeks. The name of the mineral reflects the softness and pliability of the efforts of stone carvers. But not the Greeks first drew attention to the stone of malachite! Green figurines, beads, primitive ornaments of malachite man began to produce more than ten thousand years ago. Egyptian malachite mines of ancient all Pharaonic dynasties. According to archaeologists, the development of malachite in Africa began over seven thousand years before the onset of a New Era. The first women’s eyeshadow historians believe that from cosmetic, were green, and the fashion introduced with Egyptian women!

malachite mineral data,Recipe of the malachite shadows is simple: pounded into powder the mineral, mix with a small amount of high-melting fat and put on the lids… or on problem areas of the skin. The bactericidal properties of malachite gave the healers of ancient times to fight skin diseases with the help of fashion cosmetics. In ancient times malachite was used widely and commonly. Ephesus temple of Artemis was obramleniya columns made of malachite. The Romans cut from malachite print and charms: the stone was considered the guardian of peace. Mysterious tribe Chud, who lived in the Kama region, broken malachite and copper melted, and how did the Russian invasion is hid in man-made caves, and more to light not shown.
malachite mineral data,

Russian miners began to develop deposits of the Urals malachite in the seventeenth century, and many in fact succeeded. If in the past two centuries from the bowels are often extracted multi-ton blocks of beautiful ornamental stone, in our design time just closed – over resource depletion. The malachite stone is a product of interaction of saline groundwater with copper ores. Saturated solutions, filling the karst cavities, cracks, crevices and caves, giving a precipitate. Depending on the concentration and diversity of the elemental composition of precipitated malachite can take very unusual forms.

malachite mineral data,

Malachite inexpensive. The cost of a kilogram of raw malachite depends on the beauty of the stone and varies from one field to another, but never exceeds twenty-thirty dollars. Malachite gem quality is more expensive, however the finished items – cabochons, beads, bracelets, interior decoration – always affordable. In domestic lapidary tradition to distinguish between malachite turquoise and malachite “plush”. For turquoise malachite are varieties of the mineral, the colors of which blue is visible, and the stone figure is replete with contrasting stains, stripes, circles. This is the most valuable form of malachite.

malachite mineral data,Plush malachite is darker, its texture recalls the tangle of overgrown branches of a Bush, and the gleam of polished surfaces is akin to matte shimmer spun silk. This stone can be used in contrast with the turquoise malachite – mostly inexpressive as the background. Jewellery workshops in plush malachite misses.
malachite mineral data,Despite the low price an ornamental stone, production of artificial malachite is growing and getting stronger. The reason – the ease of production and high demand, brought up in a time when countertops and decorative tiles from natural malachite were expendable. Industrial manufacture of artificial malachite refers to either the field of production of polymers or the glass industry. And liquid plastic, and glass furnace charge, it is easy to introduce pigments and additives providing the formation of colloidal solutions, in appearance similar to the malachite. Even for home craftsmen today are offered a variety of technologies most likely imitation of malachite. Good masters achieve the complete visual similarities of their craft with natural stone.

malachite mineral data,

Malachite stone beautifully combined with any jewelry metal. Boundless imagination of artists underlines the expressiveness of the natural material as a luxury openwork rims, and severity of selected forms. Vivid malachite inserts in beauty vie with emeralds and jadeites are superior in fancy textured pattern. Favorite East, jade is not able to surpass malachite for artistic expression! Only green amber can compete with copper to stone – but not in price and not in the breadth of choice of products.

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Bright green malachite inspired medieval Magi to the experiment. Cut out of green stone some hearts, they asked pregnant women to wear the malachite amulets. Babies born as one distinguished health and physical strength. And although attempts to create an elixir of eternal youth on the basis of malachite was not successful, possession of the stone to this day is considered auspicious for those desiring renewal of the earth. Noticed, however, that malachite jewelry attract an idle audience. And if a person’s public profession this magical properties of malachite – good for introvert recluse is such a feature of the stone can be a hindrance.

malachite mineral data,
At one time, were popular malachite handles have magical instruments – knives, mirrors, rods. It soon became clear that the powerful energy of the stone attracts supernatural entity indiscriminately – resulting in magical rituals found wrong recipients… Only really powerful mages, clothed and in knowledge, and power, and authority to be able to use malachite productively and accurately.
Astrologers recommend wearing malachite jewelry, all characters who feel the pull of the stone. However, the undivided leadership in a positive perception of malachite belongs to Libra. Leos and Taureans can effectively dispose of the possibilities of stone, but only if the beauty of malachite for their absolute and unconditional.

malachite mineral data,

Malachite bracelets and beads are worn in direct contact with stone and the body, help to fill the shortage of copper in the body. It should, however, protect malachite from the interaction with chemically active fluids – otherwise the benefits of wearing malachite jewelry can result in harm. The healers of today are confident in the effectiveness of malachite in the prevention of broncho-pulmonary diseases asthmatic nature. The massive rings with malachite insets, worn on the left hand, help the work of the heart.


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