Cullinan II. The Second Star of Africa




This diamond was found in South Africa in 1905-m to year. The diamond weighed 3106 carats. 1 carat = 200 milligrams. So this wonderful stone weighed over a pound. This diamond was named after the owner of the mine where it was found. The diamond was purchased by the government of the Transvaal. Now, this state became part of the Republic of South Africa. At that time this state was a British colony. In turn the government of this colony was presented the diamond as a gift to king Edward VII.


The stone had several cracks, and therefore, it was decided to split it. Entrusted to the firm of Joseph Asher. It is this serious business for six months. But when he made the first blow on the stone, he fainted from nervous exhaustion.


After cut out two large diamond, seven medium and ninety-six minor diamonds. Large and medium fragments received Roman numbers in the end of the name, like the monarchs. Two of the largest fragment of Culinan I and II Kalinian became part of the Royal symbols British court.


The largest piece is the Cullinan I. It was called the Great star of Africa. Its weight – 530,2 carats. It is transparent and colorless. It has 74 facets. Its shape – a teardrop – pondelok. It adorns the scepter of king Edward VII.


The second shard, Cullinan II was named the Second star of Africa – 317,4 carats. It is located in the crown of the British Empire under the Black Prince ruby. Stored in the tower, in London. It can also be used as a brooch along with Cullinan I.


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