Black Prince’s Ruby. Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom





Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. In fact, this is not ruby. This is the so-called spinel. It weighs about 170 carats. Its length is 5 cm. It is noteworthy that the stone is drilled – for insertion into the pendant. But now the hole is covered by a small ruby.

black prince's ruby,

Mention this stone for the first time in the XIV century, then it was owned by the King of Castile, Pedro the Cruel. He took possession of it, insidiously killing the Moorish prince Abu Sayid.

black prince's ruby,

In 1366, the King’s half-brother raised an uprising and Pedro had to summon Edward of Wales to help. He is the eldest son of Edward III. For his help, the Englishman demanded the same ruby.


black prince's ruby,

Stone – Ruby of the Black Prince – is named so because this same Edward of Wales wore armor of black color. In memory of the untimely lost beloved. Since then, the ruby has changed from one king to another.

black prince's ruby,

For example, Henry V decorated his helmet, which, in his opinion, saved his life in the battle of Agincourt. The helmet repulsed a fatal blow to the head. In his example, the ruby was crowned with the helmet of Richard III, but he did not bring luck to him – the king was killed in one of the battles.

black prince's ruby,

In the crown, the stone is inserted already under Yaakov I – 1578-1625. However, during the English Revolution all the crown jewels were sold out, and gold was melted. But the Ruby of the Black Prince acquired a secret supporter of the monarchy at a price of 4 pounds sterling. When the restoration of the monarchy took place, the ruby returned to the regalia again, and now he decorates the crown.


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